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This is a big week, y’all! On Thursday the 29th, the day before Medicare’s anniversary, Our Revolution Texas, Texas Organizing Project, and many other Texas organizations are marching to free our healthcare from the parasitic hands of corporate insurance. We will be demanding the long-term fix that is Medicare for All. ORTX will also be demanding that Congress pass Medicare Expansion via Bernie’s budget reconciliation plan, which will immediately expand Medicare to cover dental, hearing, and vision, lower the entry age, and allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices as a stepping stone towards Medicare for All. Click one of the following cities to learn more about speakers and events: Austin, Houston, Dallas, Corpus Christi, McAllen, & San Antonio. 




ORTX will be joining the Poor People’s Campaign and many other Texas organizations on a Georgetown-to-Austin march from the 28th-31st. We will be marching to demand ending the filibuster, passing the For the People Act and other voting rights legislation, and much more. Click here to learn more about joining one of the marches, or click here to join us Sat. July 31st at 10am as we end the march with a rally at the Texas Capitol.



ORTX leaders Scott Feuless, Chuck Crews, and LaTonya Whittington represented Our Revolution beautifully at a press conference regarding how two Texas House Dems ditched DC and voting rights as they returned to their GOP overlords. “This is an awesome movement that [the Texas House Dems in DC] are doing...something like MLK and all the other great ones who have done it before us,” said LaTonya Whittington with OR Harris. “We call on Rep. Dutton and Rep. Cortez to return to DC. Get out of this state,” said Chuck Crews with OR Harris. Whittington followed up by stating what many progressives are thinking: we need to “get [Rep. Harold Dutton] out of office.” Click here to be an early supporter of our 2022 plans to replace the GOP and Dems-in-name-only officials who support Jim Crow 2.0.



Just a quick reminder that our statewide meetings are resuming next month! We’re resuming them with our Texas Progressive Summit. We’re developing exciting & informational panels about how progressives can win locally, how to transform your local Democratic party into a progressive winning machine, and more. Click here to RSVP!



Gov. Abbott promised transparency with his efforts to crowdfund for his border wall. Apparently, his definition of “transparency” doesn’t include donors using their real names or addresses. Call me a skeptic but I don’t believe “King of the Wild Frontier” is a real name. This “person” gave $50 to Abbott’s border wall. At this rate, when Abbott fails to build his wall he may claim that his wall is really there but is just “transparent.” We set up a campaign to email Congress demanding that they investigate Abbott’s lies about transparency. Click here to start emailing our Congress Critters to demand they investigate Abbott.



Wanna help OR recruit more members into the progressive movement? We have phone banks each Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday for just that! These phone banks are critical to ensure we have the people power to win in 2022. Click here to RSVP for our Wed/Thurs phone banks or click here for our Saturday one.




This week we have: OR Monday Night call, the Medicare for All Rallies, and the Fight for Our Rights March with the Poor People’s Campaign. The OR El Paso and OR Central Texas meetings have been canceled this week.


Just as Bernie Sanders did not accept billionaires' money to stay independent from them, Our Revolution Texas does not accept donations from corporations, foundations, or billionaires. Everything we do is by and of our members. Click here to become a 2021 Member.


Below are some of our future Texas meetings. Click any of the below to RSVP:


When we organize, we win!

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