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Our Texas Dems in DC are still full of fighting spirit as they strive to protect our voting rights. Make no mistake folks, this is a fight for our voting rights! There’s been a lot of national news media coverage of our progressive champions, from CNN to MSNBC and one of them even joined Fox News to shame them for their right-wing propaganda! Recently, all of our champions were joined by Dr. Bernice King, the youngest child of MLK. Dr. King encouraged “them that daybreak is coming and that the Universe is conspiring with them for justice, and to thank them for their moral leadership.” 

All of our progressive champions are being slammed by right-wing media, including by some local media outlets. We need all ORTX supporters to call our progressive champions to tell them to keep up the great work. The Far Right is out hustling us, we cannot allow them to have their way. Please click here to see our call list and other information.




Several OR members and leaders joined the Texas Capitol Pastor and Bishops Prayer March last week to fight for justice against the GOP Suppression Session. Robert Williams, featured above, was one of our members there. ““The Church” converged on the Capitol today and reclaimed the moral and biblical high ground on social justice issues. It was historical, it was powerful, it was epic,” said Robert. LaTonya Whittington, another OR local leader, was at the march. “What an amazing day and I'm so glad I was there! I had the historic opportunity to hear Bishop Barbara speak...I feel that a change is coming soon. It's just that time in this history we have to stand up and show our children too. So they'll know how to be strong.” Click here to sign our Justice for All petition.



Just a quick reminder that our statewide meetings are resuming next month! We’re resuming them with our Texas Progressive Summit. We’re developing exciting & informational panels about how progressives can win locally, how to transform your local Democratic party into a winning progressive machine, and more. Click here to RSVP!



Energy Transfer Partners brought in $2.4 billion from the suffering of working Texans during the deadly TX winter grid collapse. Apparently, the price they had to pay was not to those they hurt (or killed), rather it was the $1 million they gave to Abbott’s corrupted campaign. OR-endorsed official Rep. Erin Zwiener summed up nicely with, “True election integrity is not having your elected officials bought and paid for by billionaires who profit off a deadly crisis.” Sign our petition telling Abbott what a failure he is.


(Source: texas department of state health services; credit: the texas tribune)


If you have not already gotten your vaccine, please do so. The Delta variant is no joke. New cases have doubled in about the last week. See the full story on the Texas Tribune or click here to find your vaccine.



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No events this week, but next week we have: OR Monday Night call, OR El Paso, and some Medicare for All Rallies


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