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Texas Democrats leave for DC to stop Wanna-be King Abbott from suppressing our right to vote. The GOP, which might as well be renamed to the Gross Oppressor Party, is once again trying to pass new restrictive voting measures, bad bail reform, and more. Instead of trying to win with their ideas, the far right radicals in control of the GOP decided to win by cheating. “Democracy is too important to sit back and watch the Republicans cram down a bad elections bill. We’re heading to DC to ask our Congress to act on the For the People Act,” says OR-endorsed Rep. Vikki Goodwin. Click here to send your US Senator a message demanding they support the For the People Act (& be sure to share this link to your friends in other states!)



A part of ORTX’s mission is to hold officials accountable. We applaud the Biden Administration’s initial efforts to reign in corporate monopolies that are ravaging our communities. He recently signed some executive orders to take on monopolies in agriculture, airlines, broadband, banking, and more. This will help a lot of Texans, including in rural Texas where many family farms have been shuttered due to Big Ag. Let’s keep up the pressure. Click here to sign our petition demanding the Biden Administration to break up corporate monopolies. 



OR North Texas (DFW area) had their meeting last Tuesday and were joined by OR-endorsed Rep. Terry Meza. Rep. Meza gave our DFW area members an update on what is happening in the Texas Lege, including updates about how the GOP gutted the George Floyd Act. Click here to RSVP for their next meeting (first Tuesdays).



OR Harris County (Houston metro area) have their meetings each first Saturday and they were recently joined by OR-endorsed Rep. Penny Morales Shaw. Rep. Shaw gave a detailed debrief of the Texas Lege session, including her amazing work to kill a bill that would have brought radioactive waste to Texas. Click here to RSVP for their next meeting (first Saturdays).




This week OR San Antonio has their meeting on Wednesday. Next week, there will be several Medicare for All rallies all around Texas. Click here to learn more about the marches in DFW, Austin, & more info about other locations to come!




For the first time, we’re happy to publish our first Letter to the Editor to the TRR! These letters are open to any ORTX member. Our first letter comes from Dr. Eliz Markowitz, a former candidate and OR member.


Dear Fellow White People, 

I am a 38-year-old gay woman of Jewish ethnicity living in a conservative state. I have faced my fair share of discrimination and hatred throughout my life. However, my experiences are through the lens of a white woman, someone who doesn’t face the daily systemic racism embedded in our society and institutions.

Let’s be clear. The United States was built on the backs of slaves, human beings who were considered property for no other reason than the color of their skin, and the institutions within this country were both developed and implemented by, and for, white people. By virtue of this fact, white people have the inherent privilege of living in a world that was created for their benefit.

If this makes you feel uncomfortable, it should. Any individual with a moral and ethical compass should be outraged that a caste system based upon the amount of melanin a person has, a system upon which our country was founded, continues to negatively impact the lives of our fellow human beings.

The goal is not to make you feel guilt, sadness, or anger. Nobody is asking you to justify the current system, explain your heritage, or apologize for the color of your skin. After all, you are not responsible for either the actions of those who came before you or your phenotype. You are, however, responsible for your actions, behaviors, and the way in which your actions and behaviors impact others.

It is your responsibility to recognize the inherent privilege you hold and be actively anti-racist. It is your responsibility to hold your fellow white people accountable for their words and actions, calling out behavior that perpetuates racial prejudice and division. It is your responsibility to actively listen to people of color and advocate for changes to a system rooted in inequity.

It’s not a difficult concept. Use the privilege you’ve been given to work with those that are forced to operate in a world of discriminatory processes and policies to create a more equitable society. 👊🏽💙



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