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Jalen McKee-Rodriguez, a 26-year-old teacher and member of Our Revolution, will be the first openly gay man to serve on the San Antonio City Council and the first openly gay black man elected to office in Texas. Teri Castillo, who was endorsed by Bernie Sanders, will be joining McKee-Rodriguez in the San Antonio city council. She is a fearless housing advocate and community organizer and will now represent one of the most unequal city council Districts in San Antonio. In one of the most politically charged races, incumbent John Courage beat back a right-wing conservative challenger to maintain his seat in District 9. Courage was one of the first victories for Our Revolution in Texas when we supported his campaign in 2017. Click here to help us elect more progressives in 2022.



In Grand Prairie, Junior Ezeonu won against an incumbent who had the support of real estate developers and who sent out a mailer full of lies, some of which targeted Our Revolution, and racist dog whistles to try and protect his seat. Junior is our youngest candidate at the ripe-old age of 22 years old. We’re certain he has a good future ahead of him. Click here to help us elect more progressives in 2022.



Chris Nettles, a local business owner and pastor who ran on improving public transportation and economic security, beat an incumbent in District 8. After Saturday’s election, we have a new blue majority on the Fort Worth city council -- a first in a political generation. Click here to help us elect more progressives in 2022.



Jesse Moreno, a local restaurant owner and former park board member, beat the Dallas Police Association’s chosen candidate. Meanwhile, Adam Bazaldua, a former teacher who pitched the idea to reduce the Dallas Police overtime budget, won re-election in District 7 by beating the same candidate he bested in 2019- also with the support of Our Revolution. It was a good day for Dallas! Click here to help us elect more progressives in 2022.



In 2021, we had 3x the number of victories as in 2019 and 2017 combined. This is an incredible moment for our movement. We’ve shown progressives can win in urban, suburban, rural, red, blue, and purple areas all around Texas. We need your help to keep our momentum going. The stronger we become the more our opposition will attack us. We need you to become a member to support our efforts to win. 



And of course, a MASSIVE thank you to all of our volunteers who made tens of thousands of phone calls, knocked on thousands of doors, and sent thousands of texts. We owe this victory to you. Thank you.

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This week, we want to spotlight Rep. Penny Morales Shaw of District 148. Rep. Shaw has done a wonderful job at representing the Houston area. She has been recognized by Our Revolution Harris County as an A+ Representative, by Mexican American Legislative Caucus as Freshman of the Year, and more. She has taken stands for workers, voting rights, and worked to better rent relief programs during these COVID times. Please follow Rep. Shaw on Twitter or Facebook.


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