The Texas Democratic Party (TDP) has failed to turn Texas blue because it's been corrupted by consultants, fear of being bold, and complacency. We need systemic changes within the TDP. Below are our demands:

  • Fill all precinct & county chair positions.
  • Replace inactive or anti-organizing chairs.
  • Mandate year-round organizing & voter registration.
  • Form an official Progressive Caucus.
  • Actively combat poor branding. Stop over-relying on the "Demographics is Destiny" argument and actively fight to shape our collective destiny.
  • An HQ for Every County. Fund the local parties & local candidates. Supply local parties/candidates with resources like press lists, donor connections, volunteer connections, and more. 
  • Fewer mailers -- while they make consultants rich, they fail to win votes. We need more on-the-ground organizers. 
  • Allow for greater competition with vendors and voter databases. Don't allow internal monopolies to form.