Mary Willis-Thornbury
I am the newly elected Precinct Chair for Precinct 23 in Smith County. I support progressive candidates up and down the ballot. I am also the Communications Director for Texas Environmental Democrats.

Mary Willis-Thornbury, Chair Precinct 23 Smith County

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I am a retired college professor and education and the rising costs of education and student loan debt is impacting the quality of life for young adults across the country. The environment and especially the symptoms were see if the illness we know as climate change cannot be ignored. We must take steps to protect our natural resources, move toward green energy, and bring pollinators back from the edge of extinction. Clean water and clean air are basic human rights. Reproduction rights are human rights. The voting rights act needs to be reinstated. I support making election day a national holiday. The gerrymandered districts need to be declared illegal. Vote by mail and curbside voting need to be mandatory everywhere. There need to be sufficient polling places so that no one has to stand in line to vote. LGBTQ citizens should have the same rights to marry who they love as everyone else. Laws to protect young people who are trans, queer, lesbian, gay, and bi need to be put on the books and need to be enforced. My younger child is a trans and they have the right to the same rights and protections as those whose gender is the same as what they were assigned at birth. 

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