Zephi Treviño is being charged with murder in Dallas County, then though she did not pull the trigger is a teenage victim of sex trafficking.

She is currently being charged because her abuser murdered someone in her presence. Texas has the law of parties which means if someone dies during the commission of the crime, everyone gets charged. A victim of sex trafficking should not be charged in the first place.

The Dallas County District Attorney, John Crezot, ran as a progressive. However, instead of doing the right thing, Mr. Creuzot is playing politics and is trying to give Zephi a life sentence. He is trying to get her certified as an adult. 

This is not what a progressive DA should act. This is unacceptable.

We demand that the Dallas County District Attorney drop murder charges against Zephaniah Treviño. Victims of sex trafficking shouldn't have to endure after everything they just went through. We need to focus on her healing, not trying to victim blame her.

Justice for Zephi!