Marvin Guy is a victim of a No-Knock Raid. He was sleeping soundly at his home near Killeen, Texas when home invaders kicked down his door early in the morning. Defending his home and family, he shot towards them.

Unfortunately, they were the police. They raided his home with a "No Knock Raid" -- meaning they don't identify themselves as police when they kick down your door in the middle of the night. It was a No Knock Raid that got Breonna Taylor murdered. 

While Marvin survived, a police officer sadly died. Mr. Guy has been in jail without trial for nearly 7 years. The prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.

Meanwhile, just a 100 miles away, the same thing happened to Henry Magee. An officer died as well, but all charges were dropped because Henry "acted in self-defense." 

The only difference in these cases: Henry is white while Marvin is black. 

Not only are No Knock Raids unconstitutional, not only is the fact that Mr. Guy has been held in jail without trail for nearly 7 years is a major violation of Mr. Guy's civil and human rights, but this is what systemic racism looks like. 

We demand the immediate release of Marvin Guy and for all charges to be dropped. Enough is enough.