Our Revolution Texas fights for all folks to have the dignity of good healthcare, a good education, & a good-paying job.


To guarantee the dignity of good healthcare, we fight for the Healthy Texas Act & Medicare for All. 

To guarantee the dignity of a good education, we fight for public schools, universal pre-k, & debt-free education for all. 

To guarantee the dignity of good-paying jobs, we fight for living wages, equal pay for equal work, infrastructure building, Internet as a public utility, & more. 


But to sustain these basic human dignities...

We must end the police brutality epidemic, abolish mass incarceration, decriminalize cannabis, and fight for Justice for All

We must end family separation and the fear of it by fixing our immigration system

And of course: We. Must. Stop. The. Climate. Crisis. 


How we do we achieve this?

We don't believe in trickle-down change anymore than we believe in trickle-down economics. All changes begins at the bottom. We fight to build progressive powerhouses across the state of Texas. We do this by winning progressive policies, building a progressive party, and electing progressive champions. 

For 2021-22, we plan to:

  • Promote bills in the Texas Lege that will make healthcare a human right, stop the climate crisis, end police brutality, & more.
  • Build & transform the Texas Democratic Party by electing progressives as precinct chairs, county chairs, & more.
  • Elect progressives into city council and school boards around the state, build candidates to win their March 2022 primaries, & secure major victories in November of 2022.
  • Continue our media campaign to popularize ideas, create powerful narratives, & to fight Far-Right & corporate propaganda.


Join us by becoming a volunteer or a full member as we fight to make Texas progressive.