Gov. Abbott failed us. He needs to resign or be fired at the ballot box in 2022. 

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The 2021 February Texas mass power failure and tragedy happened under your watch. As the leading voice in the Texas government, you failed us.  

Instead of acting like a leader, you acted as a political hack. You blamed wind energy even though it was your fossil fuel cronies that failed to winterize their equipment. Our wind and solar energy are what kept Texas afloat during this hardship, but you lied and threw shade on the Green New Deal.

You blamed this disaster on clean energy, but it is you who failed to winterize our infrastructure, pushed for profits before people in our energy market, and shifted the blame towards everyone but yourself. 

We had a decade to act and your GOP cronies did nothing. You created this mess. 

Gov. Abbott needs to resign or be fired at the ballot box in 2022.