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2020 wins:


  • 24 progressive champion victories
  • 4+ progressive policy victories
  • 200+ transform the party victories

2019 wins:

  • Allison Drew, Fort Bend ISD Trustee
  • Adam Bazaldua, Dallas City Council
  • HB 4127, the Healthy Texas Act filed and heard in committee

2018 wins:

  • Veronica Escobar, Texas CD 16
  • Erin Zwiener, Texas HD 45
  • Ana Maria Ramos, Texas HD 102
  • Terry Meza, Texas HD 105
  • Jon Rosenthal, Texas HD 135
  • Ana Hernandez, Texas HD 143
  • Lina Hidalgo, Harris County Judge
  • Dylan Osborne, Harris County Treasurer
  • Marilyn Burgess, Harris County District Clerk
  • Julie Ann Nitsch, Austin Community College Board of Trustees, At-Large
  • Stephanie Gharakhanian, Austin Community College Board of Trustees
  • Bill McLeod, Harris County Civil Court No. 4
  • Brain Warren, Harris County 209th Criminal District Court
  • Chantal Eldridge, Travis County 331st District Court
  • Cory Sepolio, Harris County 269th Civil District Court
  • DaSean Jones, Harris County 180th Criminal District Court
  • David Fleisher, Harris County Criminal Court No. 5
  • Frances Bourliot, 14th Court of Appeals, Place 5
  • Franklin Bynum, Harris County Criminal Court No. 8
  • Hilary Unger, Harris County, 248th Criminal District Court
  • Jason Luong, Harris County, 185th Criminal District Court
  • Jim Kovach, Harris County Civil Court No. 2
  • Juli Mathew, Fort Bend County Court of Law 3
  • Kenneth Sanders, Tarrant County Justice of the Peace, Pct 7
  • KT Musselman, Williamson County Justice of the Peace, Pct. 1
  • Latosha Lewis Payne, Harris County, 55th Civil District Court
  • Lauren Reeder, Harris County, 234th Civil District Court
  • Maya Guerra Gamble, Travis County, 459th District Judge
  • Meagan Hassan, 14th Court of Appeals, Place 6
  • Raul Rodriguez, Harris County Criminal Court No. 13
  • Scot Dollinger, Harris County 189th Civil District Court
  • Sylvia Holmes, Travis County Justice of the Peace, Pct. 3
  • Tonya Jones, Harris County Criminal Court No. 15
  • Toria Finch, Harris County Criminal Court No. 9
  • Tristan Harris Longino, Harris County, 245th Family District Court
  • Joca Marquez, San Marcos City Council
  • Dyana Limon-Mercado, Travis County Democratic Party Chair
  • Texas Democratic Convention Party Plat - Medicare for All

2017 wins:

  • Elizabeth Santos, Houston ISD District 1 Trustee
  • Mike Floyd, Pearland ISD Trustee
  • John Courage, San Antonio City Council District 9
  • Jen Ramos, Texas YDA National Committeewoman
  • Kolby Duhon, TYD Executive Vice Chair

2016 wins:

  • Julie Nitsch, Austin Community College Board of Trustees, At-Large



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