Thank you for your interest in Our Revolution's endorsement in Texas. Below is a brief overview of our process:

  1. Apply here
  2. Upon receiving your application, ORTX leadership will review your application and research your candidacy. We may or may not request you to join one of our meetings, an interview, and/or join a candidate forum as a part of our research. 
    • Please note this process takes some time. The sooner you get your application in, the better.
  3. After review and research, we will send our findings and the public sections of your endorsement application to our membership in your geographical area for a membership vote.
  4. Candidates who receive a majority vote from our members will receive their local chapter's endorsement. Chapters may also issue recommendations. 
  5. If local leadership feels strongly about your election, they may send your application to our statewide leadership team for consideration of a state endorsement
  6. After securing a statewide endorsement, the local leadership may send your application to our national leadership team for consideration of a national endorsement

For the full and detailed overview, see here.


2022 primary timeline:

  1. Now till February 2022: Collect applications, conduct research, hold interviews, host candidate forums, etc. 
  2. Late January to mid-February: Conduct membership votes will likely start in January.
  3. Mid-February to March Primary Election Day: Notify the progressives in your area of who to vote for via our GOTV operations. 



  • What's the difference between an ORTX endorsement and an ORTX recommendation?
    • Recommendations are for candidates who are relatively progressive for their area and/or compared to their opponents but who would not normally be classified as standard bearers for the progressive movement. 
  • Does ORTX allow for dual endorsements?
    • Sometimes. When multiple progressives are in a race, we offer our members the choice of endorse only candidate A, endorse only candidate B, endorse A and B, or don't endorse. 
  • What kind of seats does ORTX endorse in?
    • Basically all of them. 
  • What if I don't have a local chapter in my area?
    • Our endorsements start at the local level with the local chapter. If not chapter is present, ORTX state leadership may step in for their place. 
  • How long is the endorsement application?
    • It's pretty thorough, but we tried to streamline it in interest of time. It covers 7 main issue areas: healthcare, climate, justice, education, immigration, government/election reform, and housing. 
  • Will ORTX make a donation to my campaign?
    • No, we do not make contributions to campaigns and we do not coordinate with campaigns. We work the Bernie list to get them out to vote and provide voter education on who are the most progressive candidates.
  • Does ORTX share data?
    • No. 
  • What if I filled out an endorsement application last cycle?
    • You should be ok, our apps are usually one and done, but its advisable to reach out to clayton[at]ourrevolution[dot]com to confirm. 
  • Are there different applications for different levels?
    • Sometimes, depending where you are. Our Houston-metro area team uses their own applications and they sometimes have different applications for different offices. Our other chapters use the standard ORTX questionnaire which covers all prominent issues (even if your office doesn't affect some issues, we ask that you fill it out as you personally feel just in case you run for different offices in the future).
  • Does ORTX do joint applications with other progressive orgs?
    • Sometimes. 
  • If I have questions, who should I reach out to?
    • Reach out to Kristi[at]ourrevolution[dot]com.