Texas started the progressive populist movement with the National Farmers Alliance.

We must work to continue the progressive movement with Our Revolution. 

Billionaires and mega-corporations are the robber barons of our era. They steal our wages, destroy our climate, and corrupt our government.  

The 3 richest billionaires hold more wealth than 150,000,000 of our brothers and sisters. Even during the Pandemic, the rich increased their unimaginable wealth by nearly $1 trillion. 

Meanwhile, lines at food banks have never been so long as millions more Americans fall into poverty. 70% of Americans support creating Medicare for All, 80% of registered voters support a Green New Deal, 71% of Americans want to end extreme partisan Gerrymandering, 76% of registered voters want us to Tax the Rich, & over two-thirds of Americans support breaking up monopolies.

And yet, our government is dominated by bankers and billionaires, leaving Main Street to fend for itself. Corporations grow stronger by the day, while our roads and schools crumble. Safety nets for the rich, crippling debt for the rest.

The so-called Reagan Revolution handed American over to the Rich. Our Revolution will hand America back over to the people. 

Our Revolution was founded in the wake of Bernie Sander's 2016 campaign with the help of former Texas Ag Commissioner Jim Hightower. We are the only truly statewide progressive organization in Texas. We fight to turn Texas progressive

To win, we must do four things: 1. Hold Biden Accountable, 2. Elect Progressive Champions, 3. Fight for Progressive Policies, & 4. Build a Progressive Party.

We need you on our side. Join Our Revolution Texas today.

When we organize, we win!