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    Josh Bridges
    commented on My Story 2021-04-06 11:09:18 -0500
    My story

    Growing up with parents who were not too far removed from unbelievable slaying of innocent African Americans for just voicing their opinions. My grandparents often told us stories of what it was like to go through everyday struggle to just SURVIVE A racist system that threatened they’re right to just Live. That means my grandparents WERE slaves AND grew up in Alabama of all the places I’ll let that tragedy settle in your thoughts. Since we live in a country where we are a product of our environment (mainly violence) abuse was passed down our family tree like inheritances. I was grateful to a have a dad that moved his family from Dallas to Lewisville, in the early nineties and we were the first black family among a sea of white faces. My dad had a great job at the post office. He had detrimental flaws, but til this day i struggle to understand he was a VICTIM! Even though it was so hard on him(stories he told of fighting for a country during a pointless Vietnam War coming back only to be ignored by the citizens he fought for i can’t begin to understand that type of pain) he still worked hard, he never deterred and after shaking drug habit and alcoholism, he started as A sorter at the Post office thanks to a BLESSED white soul who was a man of his word, promised my dad if he sobered up he’d give him a job. My dad met my mom a few years later&in’83, after getting married, yours truly was born. side note  to my parents, i can add, married in ‘82 EXACTLY 9 months later out pops me you folks didn’t waste time huh? So first grade came, we left south Dallas dad transfers post office position to Lewisville that had just build a new building with higher pay. He bought land hired contractors to build our house and we moved to Lewisville in ‘91. Black Americans had just gotten past the war on drugs lie, crack breaking up black families with illegal search and seizers, justifying profiling and planting drugs and mainly jailing black men with bogus charges and harsh sentences. Now we, a black family with BOTH parents, had the audacity to move to an equal playing field alongside the privalged oppressors and live our American dream. What made it wrong to want the same advantages all Americans should enjoy? My story is about surviving racism as a kid that didn’t understand the devastating effects I still struggling with today. My story is about realizing that growing up in an all white town, my peers I went to school with were taught hatred, racism, and the traditions, the lies and obscenities they are taught that keeps fueling White Supremacy and how EVENTUALLY my voice in the end won over white friends who started questioning were the way we’re being raised the right way. My white peers gave me mind blowing things they were taught that was passed down for generations, as I did the same. I wanted them to know I’m their ally not the enemy not a criminal I wanted to be as transparent as possible especially if I wanted to spark some change in the way adults poison thier kids minds. The results were beneficial and even though our parents tried to demolish the kids growing love for each other, it was on us, the children to fight against racial division. Realizing that parents (on both sides) ARE teaching they’re kids to hate someone over skin color, planting seeds of division because of lies that was passed down, my story of Racial harmony will continue on. It is VERY unpopular because it attacks the root of the problem of questioning Parental ways of why they are raising their kids to hate. I want to drown out that seed of racism All Parents plant before it take root and flourish giving White Supremacy the fuel to keep the oppressed down while we as Americans watch our democracy die. My story is about Police brutality and a fiery desire to see the police system be accountable for the laws they break and the rights they violate. There’s no way a ten year old African American should have to run away from home because of abuse only to have police pull a gun on me because of the damn color of my shirt. Me wearing a red shirt doesn’t give you the right to think that i should be dead because you were told black people are gang members. That’s my story thank you for letting me tell my truth. Love You. Stay safe.
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