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    Deborah Ross
    commented on Contact 2021-04-02 18:06:59 -0500
    I need to share my thoughts, and ask a question! I have noticed, since Trump’s campaign, that I now receive donation requests from everyone! And this has been going on for a year, since Americans first began to feel the effects of jobs closing. I’m sure I am not the only person thats feels this way, but maybe one of the few that will share, because I want nothing more than to have a Progressive Texas, and administration. I’m concerned about the chances of that happening, due to the current methods being used.
    I wasn’t surprised to have first received donation requests from Trump. It was already clear he was out of touch with our reality. And if his team had my email then, it was for me to keep tabs on what he was up to next! But when I soon after began getting the same requests from the Democratic party, it concerned me. It wasn’t lost on me, that we had our political parties asking for money, while soo many were out of work, trying to be approved for unemployment, & waiting month after month for Congress to get stimulus assistance to us. It then became glaringly obvious, that it was Congress in general, both parties, that were clueless. They may have been aware, but were not and never would be, in the position we were in. Otherwise, why would they approve constant requests for $$, when we need every dollar we can get? And to ask while we wait, month after month for help from them? That really turns me off, and probably others as well.
    I felt getting Progressives in office, everywhere, was the only way out. I still do, but recently the messages I’ve received from Progressive organizations, is concerning. When I read a message that says it’s MY fault, that something didn’t pass or isn’t going to happen, then asks for a donation, a repeated donation at that, I begin to rethink everything. When republicans tell lies about a bill, or whats happening in general, it should be insulting to people or their supporters, to think that politician actually thinks you are so stupid, that you would believe whatever they say and never question it or confirm for yourself. But to be getting these messages from Progressive sources, telling ME, I’m the reason something failed because I didn’t donate?
    The truth is, its Democrats fault, that they’ve always allowed Republicans to get away with whatever they want. Democrats haven’t shown they have the backbone, to stand up to Republicans or any other congressman that opposes them. And to disregard campaign promises like minimum wage. If they can come together to pass the rescue plan, they could have done the same for minimum wage. Biden & Harris didn’t want it, and put it on Congress instead. But THEY have the majority now, so there’s NO excuse to not get something passed. Its not because I didn’t donate! And asking says you think we’re all doing well enough to donate. Others likely feel they’re spending their time gathering donations instead of helping Americans more. 3 stimulus payments over a year, won’t cut it.
    As for Progressives, they blew the minimum wage addition to to the plan, being naive and not having the same backbone needed, to say No, I won’t sign without that inclusion. You aren’t joining a club, and need that club’s approval to remain a part if it. You’re mission isn’t to be accepted by the party. Your there to get the progressive changes implemented. One way or another. Its not a popularity contest. America fought, & fought hard, to create a government that meets the needs of the people, not the needs of corporations as it now does. So its going to be a hard fight to recreate that government again. If you can’t think outside of the box, and if your afraid to take a different approach to get results, then step aside to let someone else. Because time is of the essence now, we need this done asap.
    I’m afraid that linking Progressive values with the Democratic party, may do more harm than good, especially here in Texas. Voting republican is generational for some Texans, which means a dislike for Democrats is as well. Its like the Redskins & Cowboys rivalry! So much so, that even after Abbotts performance up until the election, Texas remained red. I was hopeful it would turn. It could have, if Biden hadn’t run away scared, and had spoke at the right locations & reminded Texans of particular events. That’s what anyone running against Abbott has to do. Please tell me we have someone running against him???? It cannot wait until shortly before the election. There are too many people to access. I think Progressive should be a separate party, as back in 1930’s, and they need to target republican voters, with a list of what republicans have voted AGAINST, etc.. A lot of people just don’t care for politics and don’t pay attention to whats happening. Remind them with whats important to them. More than half the population won’t know what HR-1 is.
    But Democrats are about to lose HR-1, with Republicans ready to vote No, & the only thing thats going to save the day is my donation??? PLEASE! If they lose HR-1, its because they haven’t grown a pair, or don’t really want it. And what’s our Progressive congress doing about it? Whatever Democratic leaders tell them to do, is what I see.

    This campaign for donations is going to hurt Progressives more than help them. With social media these days, that’s the best way to reach are 18- 50 yr old voters.

    Don’t forget, please tell me who is running against Abbott! If your going to expose a problem, you need to present a solution.

    Deborah R.

    [email protected]
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